Compression garments are used to facilitate the natural healing process and may be prescribed as an essential aspect of Lymphedema treatment. We offer compression garments for upper extremity (hand and arm), lower extremity (socks, knee-high socks, thigh-high socks, leggings, pantyhose, foot), head, and torso, and a range of comfortable bras.. "/>
Indentation testing is one such test, as it produces a complex state of stress in the specimen. The indentation test, shown in the image below, is designed to characterize a material’s behavior under complex loading. The test is performed by pressing a stiff steel sphere into a softer test specimen.
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Neck Compression Garment. March 23, 2011 - PRLog-- Medical grade compression garments offer patients powerful shaping support after undergoing an aesthetic or reconstructive
Graduated compression-wear garments help the body in encouraging lymph fluids to move from affected tissues’ interstitial spaces and go back to the lymph vessels, so they can circulate back to the heart. Compression garments can achieve that by squeezing those tissues and putting pressure on the fluids to facilitate their return to the vessels.
Compression garments that are made to reduce swelling work differently. They provide even pressure and help carry fluid up the leg. You can read more about compression stockings in the "Compression stockings" section of this resource. Avoid extreme temperatures.